The Huufe Riding Routes Heatmap

Riders from around the world come here to discover new places to ride. Here’s what you should know:

  • The Heat Map is updated weekly and more functionality will continue to be added.
  • Areas with very little activity may not show any ‘heat’.
  • The routes shown may well be on private land or land you need permission to ride over.
  • Huufe is working with the relevant authorities to identify public rights of way to ensure they are correctly recorded and maintained.
  • The more you track your rides the more routes can be identified.
  • Thank you for contributing to this project!

If you have any questions about Huufe Riding Routes please contact Huufe by email

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Huufe User Reviews

Testimonial 7
The riding app you never knew..... You earn HuufeCoin for riding and inviting friends to join and then you spend your HuufeCoin on Fab equestrian discounts! Brilliant!!
Testimonial 6
This App is brilliant and the safety feature is such a clever idea. It works brilliant and doesn’t drain the battery on my phone which is what I was worried about. You can still use your phone if necessary and it still tracks the ride. Its great seeing where my friends ride as well. The fact you earn HuufeCoin for just riding your horse is great! You get some great deals and it doesn’t take an age to save enough. Can't fault it!
Testimonial 5
To Huufe, I am really enjoying the app, it’s a great way of tracking my rides and counting how many miles I do. Especially coz my pony can be a lazy git sometimes! Ialso enjoy chatting with like minded people. Xx
Testimonial 4
I had a nasty fall when my mare spooked, SafeRide alerted my parents and they were able to easily find and help me. Thank you Huufe the app is brilliant.
Testimonial 3
Versatile App. The App is simple to use and effective. It tracks all my riding activities giving data on duration, time, speed, elevation and distance. Additional functionality for Stable Management, keeping vaccination and farrier records etc. The HuufeCoin element is excellent- you earn points by using the app and can trade them with equestrian retailers for dicounts.
Testimonial 2
SafeRide really gives me peace of mind as I am often riding on my own, thank you Huufe.