Riding Freedom With Safety In Your Pocket.



Whilst out riding LiveRide gives your location in real time.
It can be shared with nominated friends and followers,
allowing you to safely explore the countryside
or share a special experience in real time.

A cutting-edge safety feature, as a parent, friend or horse owner
you can see that the ones that matter most are safe.





Whether you’re an Olympian eventer or a novice rider, falls happen! SafeRide is a premium feature on the Huufe App. It lets your nominated contacts and loved ones know if you have had an accident, via text message. The message shows your exact location offering your loved ones peace of mind and you as a rider the confidence to know that help is close by should you have a tumble.


We made groups more fun with Premium.

Enhanced Groups – Coming Soon!

Expand and inspire your groups with Premium Groups. Include more detailed group descriptions, contact details, blogs as well as more graphics. Use a Huufe Premium Group as your window to the Huufe equestrian community.

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