Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Huufe Photography

Huufe Photo Contests: General information

1.1 By entering a Huufe Photo Contest competition (Competition) the entrant agrees to these binding terms.

1.2 HUUFE LIMITED (Company Number: 10655776) (Huufe) is the full operator of the competition. Their team will administer all proceedings.

1.3 The Competition is open worldwide.  The Competition is not open to anyone involved with Huufe Ltd, this includes: employees or staff members, consultants, sponsors and judges.

1.4 All entries must be posted to Instagram using the tags that are given in the promotional social media postings on the Huufe Facebook and Instagram pages.

1.5 All contact from entrants regarding the competition or these terms must be made through

1.6 Each time the Competition is run a prize will be described in the promotional social media postings on the Huufe Facebook and Instagram pages. The prize might simply be the winning image(s) being published on the Huufe website. No cash equivalent offered.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Image Rights

2.1 All entries must be in the sole ownership of the entrant and not infringe on the copyright of any other party.

2.2 All entries must be made by the individual whose details are presented with the submission.

2.3 The copyright ownership will remain with the owner after submission and will not be transferred to the Huufe.

2.4 If applicable to the instance, the Huufe may also add a hot link or web pathway to the credit text for the photographic website of the copyright owner. These links will always be the same as those present on Instagram on entry and Huufe are under no obligation to update such information. This responsibility rests solely with the entrant.

2.5 The owner of the copyright agrees to grant Huufe a non-exclusive licence to reproduce, publish and exhibit their images upon entering the competition. This licence specifically applies to ONLY instances that directly involve the competition and displaying of the photographs at public events. This licence extends but is not limited to cover usage on the Huufe website, publicity, email transmission, print media and Huufe operated social media.

2.6 No merchandising or profiteering will be undertaken without seeking separate agreement from the entrant.

2.7 The copyright owner also gives permission for Huufe to send their copyright property (image files and captions) to judges on the Huufe back end systems to facilitate the judging process.

2.8 Through the use of Instagram, the property is considered to already be in the public domain.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Conditions of Entry

3.1 All entries must be received during the timeframe described in the promotional social media postings on the Huufe Facebook and Instagram pages..

3.2 By entering the Competition the entrant acknowledges that this in no way grants them any intellectual property rights over the Competition itself. They agree to not use any names, logos or any other intellectual property or make any public statement regarding either Huufe or the Competition without gaining prior written consent from Huufe.

3.3 Entering the Competition is considered as acceptance of these terms. Huufe places full responsibility with the entrant to having read these terms at the time of entry.

3.4 Huufe retains the right to disqualify any entrant at any stage and for any reason. These reasons may include, but are not limited to intellectual property theft, crude or abusive behaviour, dishonest representation and failure to abide by the rules laid out here.

3.5 In the event of disqualification from the Competition the entrant will be offered no prizes, or compensation and Huufe reserve the right to waive the returning of the entry fee in every case.

3.6 The decision of the Huufe is final in all matters pertaining to the competition and no negotiation will be entered into with any entrant or associated parties.

3.7 Huufe reserve the right to waive a breach of any of the rules at their sole discretion.

3.8 By entering the Competition, all entrants agree to maintain the highest standards in all matters relating to the Competition and not bring Huufe into disrepute. Behaviour that causes damage to the reputation of the Competition, other entrants, partners, charities, supporters, sponsors or associated parties may lead to the entrant’s disqualification, lifetime banning and further legal action depending on the scale of the infraction.

3.9 Entrants must abide by normal Instagram terms and conditions. The Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Image Submission

4.1 All entries must be submitted to Instagram with the tags given in the social media postings on the Huufe Facebook and Instagram pages..

4.2 Entries that cannot be authenticated, or are not of an acceptable quality may be discounted from the Competition by Huufe at any time.

4.3 Entries deemed by Huufe to not follow the competition theme may be removed without notice given.

4.4 Entries into this Competition do not have to have been taken in the Competition year, and can be from any time in the past.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Image Manipulation and Authenticity Assurance

5.1 Image manipulation of digital files that include, HDR, focus stacking, cropping, noise reduction, dodging, burning, dust spot removal, sharpening, contrast, tone, and multiple exposure layering (provided that they were all taken in the same session in the same location) are permitted.

5.2 Images submitted must not distort reality and may not have any items or objects, or parts of objects added or removed from the main image. The one exception to this is dust spot removal, as granted in 5.1.

5.3 Image wide contrast and brightness adjustments, saturation, exposure lens profiling and colour temperature tweaking are exempt from necessary mention in the caption submission and should be considered as commonplace tweaking, and are permitted.

5.4 All entries that Huufe suspects to have been tampered with, falsified or are found to be illegal (under the above rules) may be disqualified from the Competition.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Caption Submissions

6.1 Explanatory captions should be submitted with every image entered into the Competition. Captions can help give background information, creative notes and inspiration for the picture.

6.2 Captions should be in English where possible. The judges will only be able to read English captions.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

The Judging Process

7.1 The judging will be performed by a panel of independent judges. These judges are selected by Huufe and are appointed to their role by Huufe.

7.2 The winner(s) will be selected shortly after the competition closes. The judges will take into account the following criteria:

  • Peer Popularity – Number of likes on Instagram
  • Horsey awesomeness
  • Overall Impact
  • Originality
  • Humour
  • Creativity

7.3 Huufe reserves the right to disqualify images for any reason throughout the Competition, this includes, but is not limited to explicit or inappropriate imagery, ethical breaches, improper formatting and behaviour of the entrant in matters regarding the competition.

7.4 The winner(s) will be announced on the Huufe Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

7.5 The winner(s) will be contacted via their Instagram account.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules

Ethical Requirements

8.1 Huufe respects the rights of nature, and laws of the UK.

8.2 Entrants are expected to be genuine and honest with their submissions.

8.3 The entrant retains full responsibility for obtaining any permissions needed to display the content of their picture in the Competition, or on the Huufe website. This includes abiding by national and international law, seeking permits and permissions for accessing the land on which the photograph was taken and the rights to any and all brands, faces or persons featured in their work being legally sought. Huufe accepts no responsibility for those entrants that fail to do this and as such is freed of liabilities associated with such infractions.

8.4 Entrants to the Competition must ensure that their entries do not attempt to mislead the judges, Huufe or, eventually the public about the nature of reality.

8.5 All entrants must ensure their submissions have been ethically obtained. This includes respect for nature, habitat, animals, personal property and trespass laws. Any suspected serious destruction of habitat or personal property that is suspected in an attempt to capture an image will not be tolerated and will result in the submission and the entrant being removed from the competition.

8.6 All content within the associated caption of any entry must be truthful, complete and accurate. It must not mislead or omit details that may later be detrimental to the judging process.

8.7 The use of live bait to lure any animal, and the intentional torment of creatures is unacceptable and any suspected breach of this law will be taken extremely seriously. The correct authorities shall be informed should this eventuality arise.

8.8 All entrants agree that the images that they have submitted to the Competition have not involved the intentional physical or mental torment or injury of any animal in order to capture the image, or set up the events that led to them being able to capture the image. Any suspected breach of this rule will not be tolerated and will result from the individual, being removed from the Competition.

Huufe Photo Competition Rules


9.1 By entering into the Competition the entrant acknowledges that Huufe reserve the right to use their name and likeness for the purposes of advertising and publicity for the competition.