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Hello from Charlie & Richard, founders of Huufe

The Huufe community drives everything we do. From our very earliest focus groups through to our thousands users on the app now – you have helped shape what Huufe is and what it will become. Now we are opening up the opportunity for you to join our crowdfunding and gain shares in the Huufe company. Do check out our campaign on Seedrs:

What’s there?

Here you will be able to see a video of Charlie and I discussing the developments at Huufe and our plans for the app following the crowdfunding round.

Thank you for being part of the Huufe community.

Do message us if you have any questions.

Charlie & Richard

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Why are we Crowdfunding?

We have designed, built, launched and tested the Huufe app platform. Now we enter our next phase where we introduce our exciting HuufeCoin rewards programme and massively scale our subscriber base of horse riders.

Huufe’s Ongoing Development

Huufe will become the leading app for horse riders. It will provide a simple, sophisticated and stimulating environment for the equestrian community by maintaining its core principles:

  • Huufe will act in the interests of and be a force for good in the equestrian community.
  • Huufe will not allow revenue generation to harm user experience.
  • Huufe will develop by listening to its community
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How Huufe Works (for everyone)

We want riders to engage in the Huufe platform – so we will reward them for tracking their rides, with HuufeCoin. HuufeCoin can then be exchanged in the Huufe Marketplace for discounted equestrian goods and services. Riders win!

Vendors benefit from a direct marketing channel entirely focused on active equestrians who are looking for a good value purchase in the Huufe Marketplace. They can offer better-than-normal discounts in exchange for HuufeCoin, as they are avoiding more expensive marketing costs found on less efficient marketing channels. Vendors win!

Vendors will pay Huufe a commission on all sales. Huufe wins!

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Why Join Our Campaign?

Because we are an innovative start-up that is disrupting the existing equestrian market and building a large global community of passionate horse riders. We are listening to our community and constantly looking to fulfill their requirements, including giving them this opportunity to own equity in Huufe.

We are running our campaign on Seedrs, which will allow you to contribute to the Huufe community future in exchange for equity in Huufe.

How to join? You will need to create an account on Seedrs and make your contribution. Once you are registered, you can contribute as little as £11, to as much as you like.


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