#HuufeHacks – Top Ten!

December 11 2018 Huufe


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Chestnut horse galloping across field

Hacking Out – More than Just Exercising Your Horse

December 04 2018 Katy Gosling

Currently I’m in the process of buying myself a new horse. It’s an exciting time and I’m looking forward to […]

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#HuufeHacks – Winter Hacks

November 26 2018 Huufe


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Huufe – – Meet the Team

November 23 2018 Huufe

Charlie Trietline Our founder and Chief Executive Officer is Charlie Trietline. He combines a passion for riding with technologically know-how. […]

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horse out in field in rug

Woolly Winter Ponies & More

November 14 2018 Emma Barrett

Winter is truly upon us now… BRRR! In this month’s blog we’ll look at how Toby has bounced back from […]

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Where is the Best Place to Put Your Equine Classifieds?

October 12 2018 Huufe

Whatever your equine classifieds, whether your selling tack, trailers or horses – we always want to find the best way […]

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Winter is Coming

October 09 2018 Dearbhle Creagh

Autumn is well and truly here. This means one thing and one thing only – to quote Game of Thrones, […]

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#HuufeHacks – Barn Hacks

September 24 2018 Huufe


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Uma O'Neill winning at Thunderbird

Talking Horses: A New Season Has Begun

September 17 2018 Catie Staszak

When Does the Season Start? When I’m talking to the general public about show jumping, a question I frequently get […]

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#HuufeHacks – Tack Room Hacks

September 13 2018 Huufe


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paint horse being ridden

Road to Recovery

September 12 2018 Emma Barrett

Toby is still having issues with his sweet Itch and laminitis but it’s something I’m having to learn to manage. […]

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Horse going over trotting poles

Pole Work is Key

September 03 2018 Danielle Burns

I am a firm believer in pole work and try to get a session in at least once a week. […]

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bay horse winning at a competition

Surviving an Away Show

August 28 2018 Dearbhle Creagh

The Big Show Have you got a big horse show coming up? Will you be riding more than one day?  […]

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university students

The Horse is Going to University!

August 20 2018 Katy Gosling

Not Long to Go! As September quickly approaches, the academic year is soon to begin. For some it won’t be […]

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Life After Laminitis

July 30 2018 Emma Barrett

Recently I’ve been having to manage Toby’s laminitis and everything that comes with it! I’ve learnt a lot in the […]

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Grey mare at stud

What to Expect During a Stud Season

July 24 2018 Katy Gosling

As the spring transitions into summer, the stud season begins. This means a lot of scanning mares, foals, more scanning, […]

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piebald show jumping

Exercise Routines Through the Use of Digital/Apps

July 16 2018 Huufe

I can safely say that my recently retired eventer no longer has to worry about an exercise routine. In the […]

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Chestnut horse being hosed down

Hot Tips For Keeping Horses Cool

July 09 2018 Dearbhle Creagh

Hot Weather Many of us are in the midst of a heatwave, the likes of which have never been seen […]

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The Changing Face of Equestrian Classifieds

July 02 2018 Huufe

Selling a horse or any horse equipment classifieds has never been easier than it is today. Modern technology has meant […]

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Chestnut and bay horse in bridles

To Bling or Not?

June 25 2018 Katy Gosling

Bit of Bling We all like a bit of bling, don’t we? I mean, who can’t resist a little bit […]

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Western Saddle

Western – Bits & Bobs

June 18 2018 Emma Barrett

Summer is now in full flow, and we are enjoying the warmer days and lighter evenings a lot! In this […]

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Horse walking out of a barn with equestrian

Where to Call Home? – Finding your Horse it’s New Home

June 13 2018 Dearbhle Creagh

What’s harder, finding the perfect horse or the perfect livery yard? For both, there are definitely lots of options, but […]

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making practicing on your own safer

Horse Riding Accident Detection and Notification

June 11 2018 Huufe

Sadly, horse riding accidents happen. In this blog we look at what can be done to help riders that incur […]

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Horse Showjuming in Longines competition

Talking Horses: CSIO5* Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup of Canada

June 06 2018 Catie Staszak

The FEI Nations Cup series is equestrian sport’s oldest team competition, and that is not lost on me. I may […]

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Got to share this fantastic riding photo

Huufe – Find Out More About the New Equestrian App

June 04 2018 Huufe

Some folks have been asking for a little more detail about Huufe – the Horse Riding App, what it does […]

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Horse being examined by a vet

Horse Health – The Benefits of Apps

May 28 2018 Huufe

“The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that […]

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Western saddle

Western Exercises – Soften and Lift

May 21 2018 Emma Barrett

Finally, the weather is drying up, and getting warmer. There is a noticeable buzz in the air, with riders preparing […]

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Bay horse show jumping

Talking Horses: The Longines Masters of New York

May 16 2018 Catie Staszak

  I was very fortunate to know what I wanted to do from a very young age. Riding on the […]

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Huufe pre-competition nerves eventing

Pre-Competition Nerves – Eventing

May 14 2018 Cassey Watson

Pre-Competition Nerves Pre-Competition nerves is one of the few things I can say I have in common with my idols! […]

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Huufe looks at western riding exercises in flexion

Western Exercises Focusing on Flexion & Transitions

May 07 2018 Emma Barrett

Apparently, it’s now Spring, although after a rather snowy March, I am questioning it. March has been a bit of […]

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Huufe's tips for find new routes to go horse riding on

Finding New Hacking Routes

April 30 2018 Katy Gosling

Finding a new hacking routes can be exciting and daunting all at the same time! However, it should be about […]

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tip on how to improve an equestrians dressage scores

Improving your Dressage Marks

April 23 2018 Dearbhle Creagh

Dressage Marks So, you’ve learned & completed your dressage test. However, your score wasn’t what you expected.  Unless you were […]

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Huufe confidence in showjumping

Locating Our Brave Pants

April 16 2018 Danielle Burns

After Aladdin and I successfully jumped a 90cm fence, it made me wonder how on earth did we do it?! […]

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Huufe new to dressage

New to Dressage?

April 09 2018 Niamh Allen

New to Dressage? How to Break Yourself in Gently to the Discipline People choose to compete in the discipline of […]

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Huufe Arena Eventing

The Event Riders Salvation – Arena Eventing

April 02 2018 Cassey Watson

It would be fair to say that every year when the eventing season ends most of us, particularly those that […]

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March 28 2018 Copolop

I Thought you had Forgotten my Breakfast!    

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grey horse does dressage

Spring Dressage Prepping & Planning

March 26 2018 Alison Kenward

Snow days are hopefully on hold, however challenging weather can be viewed as an opportunity to prepare for your dressage […]

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March 21 2018 Copolop

The Office Worker Vs. The Equestrian Morning Outfit    

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western rider out on his horse

English Style Riding to Western Riding

March 19 2018 Emma Barrett

Lakota’s Red Cloud is an Appaloosa cross with a welsh cob type, he is a rising 9-year-old known at home […]

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March 14 2018 Copolop

Brave Bert attempts Dressage, it turns into Stressage  

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rider fitness for the eventing season

Rider Fitness

March 12 2018 Charlotte Jeffes

So, the start of the eventing season is upon us. We’ve made it through the winter, the miserable cold/dark mornings, […]

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March 07 2018 Copolop

The Trouble with Puddles      

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Huufe arena equine exercises

Jumping/Pole Work for Small Spaces

March 05 2018 Dearbhle Creagh

So, it’s now the start of March and there’s no sign of spring yet! I don’t know about you but […]

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February 27 2018 Copolop

The Over Reaction!

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Feeding horses winter into spring

Winter to Spring Feeding

February 26 2018 Katy Gosling

Winter is coming to an end and spring is fast approaching! The way we feed and the nutrients available in […]

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Dealing with Competition Nerves – Showjumping

February 13 2018 Niamh Allen

Warm up Nerves We’ve all been there, stood at the side of the arena watching the numbers on the board […]

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Preparing for the eventing season

The Eventing Season is Coming!

February 06 2018 Hannah Jeffery

The Eventing season is fast approaching, and you can feel the excitement building in the Eventing world! This year is […]

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Hacking safety Hints & Tips

Lone Rider

February 02 2018 Huufe

The open countryside reaches out before you and your horse. Just the noise of birds singing. You get that wonderful […]

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#HuufeStar – Your Photo On Our Website

January 30 2018 Huufe

Get Your Horsey Photos Published on our Website ** STOP PRESS ** This competition has finished now. However, we are […]

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Avoiding the mud in winter

Stable Management Tips for Winter

January 22 2018 Huufe

So, the mud is up to your knees, greys have become bays and the winter seems endless! It’s probably the […]

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Equestrian Community

January 18 2018 Huufe

The Equestrian Community – A scruffy old jacket, the jodhpurs covered in questionable stains, the outrageous long socks, finished off […]

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Equine Social Media

January 12 2018 Huufe

I’m part of the millennium generation, or the iPad generation, so social media is a large part of my life. […]

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Stages of Buying a Horse

The Seven Stages of Buying a Horse

January 12 2018

The decision to buy a horse is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it can be a long winded […]

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