Brooke’s MyHackathon

Ride 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100 for Brooke. You can ride the 100 miles yourself or share the distance with friends. There’s no registration fee, we just ask that you raise a minimum of £100. Start whenever and wherever you want, but try and complete it by 31 October 2019.

Help working horses & donkeys – they deserve it!

Earn HuufeCoin Rewards

Track your rides with Huufe to earn HuufeCoin. It is all about time in the saddle. Then browse the offers in the HuufeCoin marketplace and buy equestrian goods and services with the HuufeCoin you have earned.

Reward yourself – you deserve it!

HuufeCoin Rewards

Capture every ride

Use your smartphone or other GPS device to track your ride in the Huufe App. Automatically add the pictures and videos you take. Save these memories in your personal equestrian profile and keep a permanent record of your equine accomplishments.

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Share your passion

Share your achievements, rides, pictures and videos with your friends, family and the equine community through the Huufe App. Follow the horsey lives of your friends and professionals. Like and comment on their horses and activities. It’s all about our equine triumphs – capture and share the journey you take.

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Analyse your ride

Better understand both your horse and your own performance by analyzing your activities in the app. Improve both your own and your horse’s riding fitness and performance by tracking all your equine activities to produce meaningful performance enhancing data. Help prepare for your competitions with just your smartphone. Get training tips with in-app videos from Your Horsemanship.

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Enjoy the Huufe community

Interact with the Huufe equestrian community, sharing, discussing and discovering everything equine. Find and share new riding routes with friends and fellow equestrians. Create your own equestrian communities, joining local, national or international clubs and groups. Love eventing, cross country, dressage, barrel racing, reining or just a great hack? Find like-minded people, horse events and much more. Browse the Huufe Marketplace for all your horsey needs or create and post your own classified ads.

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