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I’m really excited to be on board to provide you with some training tips videos from Your Horsemanship. I hope that they give you some ideas and a little helping hand in overcoming any issues or problems you may be having with your horses.

Jason Webb Your Horsemanship

Bit of Background Info

To give you a bit of background about myself. I grew up on a property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in Australia. Following my dad and grandfather mustering sheep and cattle on horseback from as far back as I can remember! I competed in a range of disciplines, and became increasingly fascinated in the psychology behind horse training. Using methods handed down to me by generations of horsemen in my own family and top professionals in Australia.

Jason Webb Your Horsemanship

I first travelled to the UK in 1999, and on meeting my future wife Penny, decided to settle there. As training horses is my passion, I decided to put my experience back home into practice and set up a horse training business – Your Horsemanship. Which specialises in starting young horses under saddle and retraining those with behavioural and ridden problems. During the past twenty years, I have conducted an increasing number of clinics and camps, and in 2016 launched Your Horsemanship Online, where members can access over 250 video lessons following the foundations of horse training and to how to solve common issues you may face with your horse.


Nowadays, a typical day for me could involve riding in the morning, teaching in the afternoon, and conducting a webinar for Your Horsemanship members in the evening!

To give you a snapshot of the horses. I currently have in for training, three of the young horses for starting are from the breeding program of Dr. Bechtolsheimer and his daughter, Olympic Dressage medallist Laura Tomlinson, and the others range from potential eventers, yearlings destined for the racetrack, and smart show hunters. The horses in for remedial training, range from a bolter who has badly injured his rider, to a rearer, a bucking pony and two ex-racehorses being re-educated for their future careers off the track. Needless to say, life doesn’t get boring!

Your Horsemanship

Whilst my first love will always be working directly with horses. I am also passionate about teaching riders how to get the most out of their partnership with their horse. Whether they are riding internationally, or just wanting to have fun as a “happy hacker”.  That was the aim behind Your Horsemanship Online; to offer the benefits of my experience of working with thousands of horses and riders over the years to people worldwide, in their own time and on their own yard.

Jason Webb Your Horsemanship

Now I am delighted to have the opportunity to share some training tips with Huufe community members. Allowing you to use your Huufecoins to get a massive 35% discount on membership to YourHorsemanship.com!

Huufe’s aim is the same as mine; to get riders out and about and enjoying their horses, whilst keeping safe.  I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!





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