Selling a horse or any horse equipment classifieds has never been easier than it is today. Modern technology has meant we can advertise to a larger audience and connect with just a couple of clicks. But have online equine classifieds changed the way we sell horses?

Now & Then

It can be as easy as tapping on a few buttons and uploading a couple of photos to create an advert. A bit of text to describe the horse & a couple of photos to accompany it. This isn’t too far off the equestrian classified prints you use to find, and still do, in the back of equine magazines or pinned up in a local horse shop. However, the shift to the digital era has meant where to buy a horse has moved to online adverts. Due to increase use of the internet online adverts have become far more effective.

Bay horse in bridle

However, this is the simplest format of online advert, a couple of pictures & a descriptive text. Sellers are creating far more complex adverts for horse classifieds with videos and links to social media accounts. These are giving buyers the opportunity to see more of the horse without having to travel.

Stepping Up The Game

Sellers are stepping up the game of advertising, competing to grab the attention of buyers. Quite often they’ll include a number of videos of the horse performing different activities. A few will be linked to social media accounts as well, so buyers can see the horse’s progression over a period of time. This gives advantages to both buyer and seller. It allows the buyer to see more of the horse and determine if they think the horse is right for them. This in turn leaves the seller with buyers that are more likely to buy the horse and, fingers crossed, reduced the time it takes to sell the horse.


Some buyers will also do something referred to as pre-vetting. This involves sending over videos and any other documents they may be able to get hold of to their vet. From the vet’s verdict on the horse they can determine if the horse is worth going to see. This can help if the horse has had a previous injury but has been sound for a good period of time. It can, potentially, help determine how high the risk is of the injury returning or if it’s right for the purpose the buyer has in mind. It can also save the buyer time & money of travelling to see a horse not fit for purpose.

Horse being schooled by equestrian

Too Much?

Has this left buyers expecting too much from those selling horses though? A recent story that accumulated over social media involved a woman trying to sell her bombproof horse. She had put an advert together with an honest description of the horse and all her traits. She was still bombarded with questions and video request of the horse for sale. Out of frustration from repetitive inquiries she simply responded with a video of the horse handling a variety of terrifying things that most horses wouldn’t. Is having the ability to see so much of the horse online before going to see it making buyers expect too much. Is also the fact that many adverts show the horse at its very best and doesn’t give a completely honest representation of the horse’s abilities affecting what we expect?

Social Media Advertisement

In recent years social media platforms have become a very popular place to advertise. You can find everything equine related for sale, from horse tack classifieds to horse ads and everything in between. A big reason for this is due to many social media sites being free to advertise on. However, the likes of Facebook don’t permit the selling of horses or any animal on their site. People continue to do so. Much of this, again, is down to free horse ads. But also, down to the popularity of Facebook, making it easier to connect with potential buyers. This does suggest that equestrians need a platform on which they can advertise their horses and ponies for sale and connect easily with others. But also, doesn’t cost them much, if anything, to advertise on. As owning a horse is already expensive enough!

horse's eye with bridle

The selling of horses & equine equipment has certainly changed over the years. Online advertisement has made it easy to connect and enabled us to see more of the horse. This has made it more competitive as sellers try to grab the attention of buyers in different ways. Despite the change in the way horses are advertised, fundamentally we’re all just looking for horses of good quality & ability for the purpose we require.






Author: Huufe

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